Perfume reveal new album art for ‘LEVEL 3′, a new song ‘1mm’, and Kashiyuka’s forehead


Here be’s the album cover for Perfume‘s fourth studio album ‘Level 3‘. We always know what we’re getting with Perfume’s single/album covers. Sleek-ass dresses, clean designs, and Nocchi giving that leg away like free Kool-Aid at a charity sale.

For those of you who are familiar with Perfume, you may notice something is off about this album cover. That girl in the middle is not a new member. It’s our short skirt wearing pussy popper Kashiyuka … WITHOUT BANGS! Perfume’s creative team have no idea what they have started with this. They have disrupted the status quo by showing us the one part of Kashiyuka’s body which we were never meant to see.


On the run up to the October 2 release of their fourth studio album, Perfume debuted a brand new song on their radio show ‘Perfume LOCKS‘, titled ‘1mm‘ —  which I’m pretty sure is a song about Perfume needing big dicks in their lives and showing small-willied men the door.

Perfume’s LEVEL 3 era has been a grower era for the most part, with their A-sides and B-sides not instantly catching on for me. I’ll confess to having lost some faith in these girls ever since they wrapped up ‘JPN‘, but this lack of faith turned into full-blown belief upon seeing them live during the London stop of their World Tour, which has now been topped by this new track. Because quite frankly it’s a fucking hot slice of 80s served Daft PunkDiscovery‘ realness and my life hasn’t been the same since hearing it.



I’m really glad one of these girls took one for the team and got on their knees to get this song out of Nakata Yasutaka, because his material for Perfume has been lacking motivation. The reason why Nakata has been tricking out production for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is because that girl is not too proud to put her coloured wig on the table, remove her contact lenses for 10 minutes, and suck on some testicles.

The robohoes will also be shooting a video for ‘1mm’, and if Kashiyuka dances around in it without bangs, Japan will implode. Perfume’s creative team need to either pull in the reigns on this drastic hair change or just say FUCK it and go all out and put A-chan in shorts and give Nocchi a perm.

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