Point/Counter: Crayon Pop shows why poor management will torpedo your career


Crayon Pop just can’t seem to catch a break these days. While they’re “jumping” to the top with their quizzical pop track, “Bar Bar Bar“, they’ll never stay there if their management continues to trip them.

Previously, the girls were flamed for their Ilbe controversy, which cost them a sponsorship contract with an online shopping site. (Note: Any scandal drudged up by the media thus far isn’t worth my time to explain. Just think of it as Korea’s 4chan — once you’ve ventured in, you’re covered in e-taint.)

Crayon Pop has come under fire once again, this time for asking fans to fork over cash into the official Crayon Pop bank account instead of expensive goods. Their agency explained that the cash would’ve been carefully monitored and that all donations would’ve gone to a charity.

No big deal, right?



It’s like when prostitutes say “please leave your donation on the counter” instead of “give me $$$ for your hourly right to my pussy”.

Seriously, Chrome Entertainment. You know you gotta step your PR game up if people thinking you’re literally prostituting your girl group for cash.

I, for one, would like to see what else Crayon Pop can do besides being Momoiro Clover Z knock-offs.


IATFB will soon write a counter that will inevitably be dumb, because he is dumb.

Here it is.

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