Point/Counter: People mad Crayon Pop are selling themselves for cash & being honest about it


Just a while ago, Tigerpunch (god what a stupid fucking name, amirite?) argued that Crayon Pop’s management, Chrome Entertainment, is submarining the group because they basically tried to sell Crayon Pop for straight up cash instead of asking for gifts.

I’m not exactly going to argue against the fact that it’ll likely play out that way in reality, but what I will argue against is all the outrage in the first place.

To recap, this is what was going to happen:

On August 26, the announcement read, “As much as your love for Crayon Pop is growing, the members are receiving many gifts,” and “We are genuinely thankful but since Crayon Pop’s fans are increasing very quickly, we cannot keep up with all the gifts so we are posting this announcement.”

The announcement continued to state that the group will not be accepting any more gifts that are handed to them physically or come by the mail. Instead, the agency asked fans to send money in a special Crayon Pop gift account, which will be used to make a donation to charity. The announcement read that the amount of the donation will be posted for everyone to see and that the money and gifts spent on Crayon Pop would find better use in helping out those who are in need.

However, after this announcement was made, fans were displeased at the fact that the agency requested them to send money. Although it is for a good cause, fans seemed to be irked at the fact that they had to wire the money into Crayon Pop’s account.

They later apologized for that and took the statement back but the “damage” was already done. And yeah, of course we all know that shady-ass company and Crayon Pop were going to take the money, everybody knows that charity shit was a front.

As such, since everybody knows what’s going down here, why the fuck do people have a problem with this? As I covered before, bitches already be taking out second mortgages and shit just to finance their oppars and unnirs by buying them gifts, and while that’s mocked, nobody seems to have a problem with the idol fangift system.

But that fangift system, in reality, is nothing more than a donation box, which is EXACTLY what Chrome Entertainment was trying to do for Crayon Pop. The difference? They were upfront about it instead of taking thousand dollar gifts, selling them on eBay, and THEN pocketing the cash.

Look, as I said in that fandebt/gift article, I have a problem with this whole ridiculous system, but if you’re one of those who is okay with fans giving gifts, I see no difference between taking that and taking cash besides stupid societal pressure to conform. It’s like people who give gift cards to you for a fucking store you’ve never been to in your life because they don’t want to appear lazy or shallow by just throwing cash in a card they picked up five minutes previous.


And that’s why you shouldn’t give a shit about Crayon Pop soliciting donations, because it’s all the game, yo.


Be entertained.