Y’all wanted twerking in K-pop as a joke, right? Well, Wassup is bringing it to you in real life…


So Sony Music Korea and Mafia Records decided that the one thing K-pop was missing was a seven-member hip-hop girl group who twerk to ‘dancehall’ music.

Everybody welcome … Wassup.

As if twerking didn’t already need to die a horrible death, here’s a bunch of wannabees doing it.

Bowrofl.gif Bowrofl.gif Bowrofl.gif Bowrofl.gif Bowrofl.gif


This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

Look, you can hate all you want, but this is comedy gold. The clusterfuck potential with this is SO GODDAMN HIGH.

Just watch that second video and imagine the pearl-clutching by Korean fans (“LOOK AT THESE DIRTY WHORES!“) and the racism claims by international fans (“TWERKING IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR CULTURE!“).

This. Is. Gold.


Be entertained.