Trouble Maker gets expected netizen reaction, announce release of 19+ album, gets better reactions

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Trouble Maker released a concept picture yesterday for “There Is No Tomorrow“, and all day I was waiting for netizen reaction. Well, boy did I get it.

1. [+2,676, -201] During the 90s, FinKL won #1 wearing sneakers, baggy jeans, and loose fitting t-shirts. SES wore business casual outfits with ribbons in their hair and won #1. Young Turks Club wore overalls and ear warmers and won #1. Yangpa wore a dress and won #1, Lee Jung Hyun wore a hanbok and won #1. It doesn’t matter how much the times have changed, the public will like a concept if it’s worth liking so stop stripping and showing skin.

2. [+2,516, -207] Aigoo, just do it on stage already, will you?

3. [+2,311, -280] Is this really nevcessary… As a fellow woman myself, it makes me feel ashamed that a public figure is dressing like that. I feel like she’s treating a woman’s body as money since she’s obviously stripping like that to make money…

4. [+272, -9] This picture looks like those fliers/ads for erotic salons they stick on your windshield wipers when you park your car in front of pubs

5. [+253, -12] I don’t get why they would think this is okay; how’s it different from porn?/

6. [+245, -10] Pretty much an AV…

7. [+210, -9] I don’t get it, they’re already popular so why are they so desperate like this? I think they genuinely enjoy stripping down

8. [+197, -4] Crossing the line;;;



Then, as if to troll even more, Cube Entertainment announced that a 19+ version of the album will be released as well.

On October 31, Trouble Maker’s second mini album becomes available for sale. Moreover, there is news of an additional 19+ album version that will be released, receiving an explosive response from fans.

On Ocotber 24, Trouble Maker’s agency Cube Entertainment announced, “At the end of much deliberation, we’ve decided to release a 19+ version of the album. It will show a level of allure and sexuality exceeding that of Trouble Maker as everyone knows it now.”

This adult version will include intense images that will not be released online. Cube Entertainment said it will be released roughly two weeks after the release of the original album, but an exact date has not yet been decided.

This thrilled netizens, of course.

1. [+251, -21] Then don’t do music, just shoot a porno…

2. [+213, -12] Every time I look at Troublemaker, I think that they couldn’t get any more erotic……… but I underestimate them

3. [+174, -16] So are they preparing a porno?

4. [+30, -8] Yeah, this has gone out of hand…

5. [+23, -7] Even if they’re adults, they’re only 21, 24 years old… They’re still young. They’ve basically announced that they’ve given up on musicality and are trying to get attention through gimmicks like this.

6. [+18, -5] I wonder what Hyuna’s parents think

7. [+14, -5] What’s wrong with them…

8. [+13, -1] The biggest problem people have with this is that they’re idols, people meant to influence teens.


6. [+18, -5] I wonder what Hyuna’s parents think


Perhaps the worst part though is that in those links to Netizen Buzz (or allkpop or Soompi, whatever) are reactions from I-netizens that actually agree with the K-netizens. But they do it in the form of concern trolling, thus making it appear as though they aren’t hating for the same reason K-netizens are, but are rather doing it out of moral worry.


Don’t even lie, all of you are hatin’ ass motherfuckers just like them. Come clean.

Personally, I like to picture HyunA just fapping to all the tears and rage in the comments, like it’s the only thing that can get her off anymore.


Be entertained.