Ailee’s nude photos leaked by ex-bf, who’s allegedly an allkpop employee + conclusions & reactions


So after Ailee‘s nude pictures got leaked, a clusterfuck of stuff happened.

First of all, I-netizens blamed allkpop for leaking the pictures themselves before posting the pictures. For their part, allkpop immediately denied leaking the pictures.

Then, I-netizens put together that she used to date a member of allkpop’s staff, Daniel Lee, which I knew but I don’t know how they found out. Either way, this only led to further suspicion that AKP was involved in the leak.

allkpop’s VJ, Hanna Kim, is a friend of Ailee’s, and she had no idea what was going on.

Muzo Entertainment crew were not happy.

They’re a talent management agency primarily for Korean-Americans, and they have connections with Ailee.

But why blame allkpop? If all AKP did was find those photos then it’s not on them that the nudes were out there, right? Sure, but they went in because they knew more than what they could or wanted to say publicly.


Before we get to that though, here’s Top Star News doing a nice thing and tweeting words of encouragement to her:

That’s great, but the bigger point is that it sort of mirrors what the K-media is doing at this point. Sure, the nude pictures are a huge scandal, but the top K-media headlines all focus on the ex-boyfriend. Why?

Well, turns out he’s the one that leaked the pictures.

Ex: I have a few of Ailee’s pictures. I’m wondering if you’re interested.

Dispatch: What kind of pictures?

Ex: She’s completely naked. Not wearing anything, front and back…

Dispatch: What’s the source?

Ex: I received them directly from Ailee.

Dispatch: Ailee gave them to you? Why?

Ex: I was her ex-boyfriend.

Dispatch: Did you receive her nudes through messenger?

Ex: Yes.

Dispatch: And you want to reveal that?

Ex: That’s the goal.

Dispatch: Selling pictures you personally received can get you into trouble. You shouldn’t be offering them to the media.

Ex: Ah, I see. I guess you’re different from the other media outlets. I’ll contact elsewhere.

Dispatch: What’s important here is that what you’re doing is dangerous.

Ex: It’s not illegal.

Dispatch: It is illegal. It’s her private life so she can sue you. And any media outlet who buys those pictures from you is wrong. We suggest you don’t follow through with it.

Ex: I understand.

Furthermore, Star Today reported that Ailee had been threatened before — if she didn’t comply with her ex-bf’s wishes, he would spread compromising pics and videos.

Because of this, the reactions of K-netizens haven’t been all that harsh (as seen in cases here and here). Instead, K-netizens were focused on the identity of the ex-boyfriend and calling him names.

On Netizen Buzz I was made aware that Ailee had actually posted about her relationship pre-debut on Facebook.

But while that guy has a connection to allkpop as their VP, there wasn’t anything concrete to show that it was THAT specific ex-boyfriend yet.

That is, until Ailee’s company YMC Entertainment, gave their statement.

After a large storm formed with the revealing of nude photos, Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment has finally spoken on the matter.

On November 11, YMC Entertainment released a statement saying it will be taking legal matters on the person who leaked the photos of Ailee.

“While she was living in the US, Ailee was given an offer to be a model for a famous underwear company. The company told Ailee that she must take pictures in the nude for better examination of her body,” explained YMC Entertainment.

Ailee trusted that her personal information will be protected, but once the photos were sent out, the company in question cut all contact. Ailee reported the matter to the police but failed to see any results due to the lack of evidence. It was revealed that many other girls were also scammed in a similar matter.

Concerning the leaked photos, YMC Entertainment stated, “Ailee consulted her ex-boyfriend on the matter. Ailee shared the photos with him after he persuaded her that he needs the photos to get a better idea on the issue.”

YMC Entertainment added that the ex-boyfriend is currently working with Allkpop, who reported first about the nude photos earlier on November 11.

YMC Entertainment stated that it will be taking this matter to court and doing its best to protect Ailee during this process.

“As it was an event that happened when she was young and thoughtless, this has proved to be a great pain for Ailee’s family and Ailee, who must live her life as a woman before she is a singer,” said YMC Entertainment.

“The issue is something that has given Ailee much shock and pain in the past. Even with such pain, Ailee went for her dreams, so we are worried that this past event will hurt her even more. We ask that you send words of comfort and encouragement to Ailee to continue her career, so that she does not continue being in pain.”

So Ailee confirms directly that it was an allkpop employee who she dated that had the nude pictures of her and was involved in this.


1) Remember that text message convo Dispatch posted up? That proved that the ex-boyfriend tried to spread and leak the pictures for money. YMC Entertainment’s statement says that the ex-boyfriend in question was an employee of allkpop, the site that first broke the news. The only way allkpop can go about denying that they leaked the pictures is if they dispute Dispatch’s report that the ex-boyfriend tried to sell them the nudes. Or they have to show that YMC is lying. That’s basically the only routes they can go besides a full-on apology.

2) I’ll leave the legal analysis to a lawyer, but this seems like trouble depending on the extent of the threats and whatnot. I’m not versed in this, so I’m not sure about how this applies across international waters, but this could mean a lawsuit from YMC Entertainment against 6Theory Media.

3) Needless to say, this is far from over. There’s still a lot to sort out. allkpop now has to get their story straight, potential litigation might come, and Ailee still has to decide what to do with her career. Also, I’m not sure what the long-term effect in Korea is going to be. Right now it’s okay, but what about when it dies down? I’m not sure international netizens, for the most part, even give a fuck, but this is going to be back and forth in Korea, even if the initial reaction is not career ending.


As for AKP? After the Dispatch report came out, they went silent on the issue, probably for good reason as they have to calculate their next moves carefully.

Personally, I have to wonder if this was anticipated or not by them. I assume that they had to know SHE would know what was going on, but they seem to be in shock about the reaction. At the very least they thought they could deny involvement on journalistic grounds, but now that it’s being alleged that they were directly involved and that one of their employees may have threatened her, this becomes about self-preservation. To be frank, it seems like they’re in a world of shit and it’ll be an uphill battle just to get back to neutral.

The one question still unanswered though is this: What was the motivation for the post? Just money for personal use? Views and notoriety for the site? Revenge for a relationship issue? All three? Whatever the case, it’s hard to see this mess being worth whatever they thought they were going to gain from it.


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