Pre-debut nude photos of Ailee leaked … and now you kids will get a taste of the Baek Ji Young scandal


Ailee nudes allegedly leaked (wording via allkpop). Well, that should get your attention.

Recently allkpop ‘found’ nudes of Ailee from her pre-debut days and made a post about it, which is going to blow up into something huge because it has to. I mean, there’s no real option here.

So what about the pictures, right? Right. Well I apologize in advance, but I have to provide you the pictures. Because if I searched the Internet for high-res zooms of Tanaka Koki‘s cock and cock ring, I have to acknowledge that the nudes do indeed exist.

I’m like 99% sure that’s her, though there are fans of hers that are going around doing conspiracy theory shit. I believe it’s her for multiple reasons, most of which have to do with her connections to AKP.



1) Wow, she looks amazing. Your faves could NEVER.

2) So we’re about to find out how the social media age reacts to a similar situation to what Baek Ji Young went through with her sex tape. Similar situations, really, at least in terms of both being talented soloists. Of course, BJY had actual sex, but she didn’t have to deal with the social media clusterfuck that is the 2010s, so it’s gonna be bad.

3) Ailee has connections with AKP, some run pretty deep (and some of you have figured it out), so it’s interesting how they choose to break this. I mean, she did a livestream for them and all that, so … eh. I’ll continue to look into it, but I doubt this will go over well. Wonder if Ailee or her people did something to piss them off?


Either way, this is going to turn into a huge scandal once Korean media gets a hold of it. And it’s pretty sad how a talented and beautiful artist is going to get shit on by people with no lives and who have no sex, but that’s the Internet.

At this point, my hope is that she can weather this storm as it happens and doesn’t have to come back after years like Baek Ji Young.


Be entertained.