YG denies Minzy plastic surgery accusations because ‘she simply became prettier’


After 2NE1 appeared on KBS‘s “Open Concert” on Nov. 10, netizens accused member Minzy of undergoing plastic surgery due to her improved looks. YG Entertainment denied this in a short and odd statement.

According to one local news source, a representative of Minzy said in a phone conversation, “Minzy is getting prettier, as she turned twenty this year. She did not get plastic surgery. She simply became prettier; there is nothing more than that.”

Netizens, naturally, didn’t buy that excuse.

Quite frankly, I don’t care enough to go all Asian Junkie I-Team, but she does look noticeably different to me. I mean, your nose doesn’t change after you hit a certain age.

Unless what they’re really saying is that she’s a mutant, which WOULD be a fucking story. But unless it’s that, I get why they denied the change, but I’ll just assume she got shit done like everybody else in entertainment and move on with my life. Hey, at least it came out good.


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