Avex has created a ‘plus-sized’ idol group called “Chubbiness”


Japan is the land of the fads, and one of the latest ‘in’ things is ‘marshmallow girls‘, which is basically what we know as ‘plus-sized’ in the West.

So, of course, the pop industry HAD to take advantage of this, and Avex joined up with fashion magazine CanCam for a ‘chubby girl’ audition to make an idol group.

And thus, we have Chubbiness.

Just to get an idea of how odd this is, Japan is a place where when comedians see a fat person (women, especially) on variety shows, they’ll go up to them and do sumo motions and put that on national television. For idols, some companies have monthly weigh-ins.

So … yeah.

Anyway, Chubbiness has already advertised that all of the members enjoy eating, so you know it’s a gimmick, but at least it’s an original take.

Now how long before they replace all the members like Piggy Dolls or make them lose weight?


Chubbiness: Official Site, Staff Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Facebook


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