CL’s “MTBD” deemed offensive to Muslims, but reaction more disturbing than action

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2NE1‘s CL has been enjoying a great deal of positive press recently with the release of her group’s “CRUSH” album and fans enjoying her rap solo, “MTBD“. However, with the release of a solo live of the song today (don’t ask me why that prompted this), Muslim fans heard something in the song that sounded a lot like a melodic Quran verse inserted into the track.

Don’t take my word for it about the current backlash, though.

Just go to any CL video on YouTube or any picture on her Instagram and there’s a gigantic clusterfuck of all caps yelling and screaming and threats.


So where does the logic stand?

Well if it’s true about the Quran verse in the song, and it does seem like it’s legit at the moment, then it’s rational to conclude that action should be taken in terms of changing the song. Will anything change? Probably not, because like with a lot of race issues, I doubt many in Korea make a big deal out of it. But look, if it is indeed a Quran verse, it should be edited out or modified in future releases, both because it’s morally insensitive and it’s not a great idea to purposely antagonize people/fans anyway. It’s a respect thing, and I can understand that.

With that said, demands for change is about where the outrage should end. Also, any backlash honestly needs to be directed to the person making the production decisions on the song (Teddy) and perhaps the company (YG Entertainment). The best way to go about getting shit done would be explaining the problem calmly and rationally, and along with the massive outpouring of requests they could generate, it could be effective. Fans have proven as much before that it’s the right way to go (just as it is in 99% of life situations).


So I get the side that has the complaint with the song. I do.

What I can’t understand under ANY circumstance is fans yet again thinking that: 1) sane people use death threats and yelling in all caps to solve problems 2) that doing any of the psychotic shit they are now will get people to want to change 3) the assumption that CL was absolutely complicit in this or had anything to do with that being added.

I honestly don’t get the specific death threats (“chop you up into pieces”, really?) and the reaction that consists of swearing her off forever. I generally empathize by putting myself into the situation of the other person, but even given the most insulting things I could think of, I couldn’t see myself being driven to such illogical rage.

Furthermore, the religious zealotry that comes attached with all this just makes it even less palatable to me and a bit more disturbing, especially when paired with dead serious death threats. Because while they’ll probably amount to nothing, people are also fucking nuts, especially when it comes to religious beliefs, and religion is one excuse people use to do shitty things (like bomb abortion clinics or beat gay people to death or countless other shitty deeds that obviously Jesus or whoever would want).

So … fuck that.


What initially started as feelings of “goddamn that’s stupid/ignorant” towards CL/Teddy/YGE for being religiously insensitive and appropriating a culture … now I just feel sorry for them. Yes, it should absolutely be addressed and dealt with. No, they don’t deserve to be excused or shielded if all of this is true. But personally? Watching it unfold, I’m far more disgusted with the other side.

I can’t see a world where the current reaction to this error in judgment is at all productive or appropriate. This type of shit will never solve anything, from interpersonal arguments to international political issues, and I’m far more disturbed by the reaction than the action at this point.



Be entertained.