SME’s “plagiarism” of Erik Soderberg for EXO teaser resolved


SM Entertainment and graphic designer Erik Soderberg have seemingly settled their differences on the usage of his work for an EXO teaser. Yet, they still differ on exactly what the problem was.

SME says that they contracted his work through VM Production, and that Soderberg simply wasn’t aware that his work was being used for this.

VM Production, the production company that created the teaser video, revealed to OSEN on January 14 that the teaser video was not plagiarized, and they had prior contact and even paid the graphic designer before using his work. They said, “We paid and received permission from the graphic designer; that isn’t plagiarism. We are confused that this happened and we are currently contacting the graphic designer.”

Soderberg, meanwhile seems to be saying that everything was resolved thanks to the graphic designer in charge of the EXO teaser, Seo Dong Hyuk.

Thanks to Seo Dong Hyeok my animation will continue to be part of this video, now with proper licensing!

It’s a small difference, with Soderberg saying that they didn’t have the proper paperwork and all that done, but now they do so it’s cool. SME/VM Production, on the other hand, are basically saying Soderberg was ignorant as to what his work was in.

Either way, it’s resolved, and now we know where SME ripped this creative idea from.


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