Jessica H.o. auditions for ‘Bad Girls Club’ on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’, tries to ruin career again


Jessica H.o. or Jessi or whatever the fuck she’s calling herself now, became her usual unhinged tryhard self on that “Unpretty Rapstar” show, thus killing three birds with one stone by doing great promo work for Mnet, auditioning for her future as a reality show “star” on ‘Bad Girls Club‘, and attempting to ruin her career … again.

Gonna be honest, I had to stop it when she started rapping cause I cringed from all the wannabe thug shit. But I finished for you guys, and I’m glad I did cause Tymee face:


Of course, Jessi forgot to mention that the reason she was at the bottom for 10 years was because: 1) she sucked 2) she tried to drag BoA while she was at the top of her game 3) she tried to drag the group of her best friend, Tiffany.

Mysterious hiatus time like Jay Park!





The Korean-American identity issues tryhard realness.

Why she ain’t calling her competitors on the show “niggas” and “faggots” though? Keep it real, saaan.

Either way, this has the potential to be glorious.

They were gonna invite Way on the show, but Way pulled out when they notified her that murder was still going to be illegal.


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