Chamsonyeo’s ‘Magic Words’ MV at least has Youngji (and Lizzy, Sohyun, G.NA)


Chamsonyeo are After School‘s Lizzy, KARA‘s Youngji, 4Minute‘s Sohyun, and G.NA, the girl group formed by Hitmaker (Defconn & Jung Hyung Dong), who are also behind Big Byung.

Their attempt at a girl group was revealed to the world in the “Magic Words” music video, and … well:

I know it’s not supposed to be serious, and I “get it”, but it could at least be entertaining or catchy in a weird way, right? This is neither. Add in the fact that only Youngji looks into it for the whole music video, and it’s sort of a mess. At various times, if you look closely, you can see the dying spirit of Lizzy, Sohyun, and G.NA as they’re thinking about the lengths they’ll go to in order to promote their careers.

I dunno why they couldn’t just go the Big Byung route instead of making them do this aegyo concept that wasn’t even used in an ironic way. Eh.


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