IU’s manager gives interview because people think IU is really her character on ‘Producer’


Today in oh-jeez-is-this-a-thing news, IU‘s manager came out to refute rumors that because IU’s character on the drama ‘Producer‘ is a mega-diva, so is she.

As the show is being praised for its realistic portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes on variety shows, there has been some speculation about just how true to life the show is. Despite IU’s reputation as a cheerful and altruistic star, some netizens have been speculating that the characters of Cindy and her manager are based on IU and her colleagues.

No seriously, because of her character, her manager had to give quotes to the media.

IU’s real-life manager, Loen Entertainment‘s Park Jung Hyun, has responded to this speculation. He says, “It seems like they’re portraying it comically for the drama. I’ve been enjoying watching the show.” Park Jung Hyun has been IU’s manager ever since she debuted. “IU is a friendly person, and she’s worked for a long time together with the staff that surround her,” he comments. “She’s never ordered people around like Cindy in the show.”

In the first episode of “Producer,” there’s a scene in which IU’s character tells her manager to leave the room because he’s breathing too loudly, and he apologizes and hurries out of the room. Regarding this scene, IU’s manager says, “It made me laugh because it was so funny” and adds that it was an extreme construction of a relationship for the purposes of the drama. Lastly, he says, “Since IU debuted, she’s never had a change of manager, and her stylists and hair and make-up artists have remained the same.”

There isn’t a big enough facepalm for this, really.

This is why actresses don’t want to do nude or sex scenes, because after they do they get treated like they are actually “sluts” or “prostitutes” or whatever.

The level of disconnect/delusion is remarkable, really.

Fortunately, IU has a perfect reply.



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