f(x) gets all secretive & creative in teasing their “4 Walls” comeback


Now this is a teaser.

Foregoing the usual route of unleashing fifty teaser images and five music video teasers that all but spoil the entire release weeks before it’s set to release, f(x) is refreshingly going for minimalist mystique for their impending comeback.

SM Entertainment tweeted out this simple 11-second teaser that simply lists a date and time.

In addition, the label set up a brand new Instagram account solely for f(x)’s comeback. Yesterday, it had nine images uploaded to it that made this:


The inclusion of “V,” “A,” “L,” and “K” for each member, the reference to “4 Walls,” and the square geometry going on here reeeeeallly highlights the fact that this is a four-member group now. Really all that’s missing is a “Sulli Who?” graphic flashing across the middle of the “exhibit.”

Three more images were added to the account hours later:


Color me impressed by this so far. Next to nothing is known about this release, there hasn’t been much of anything leaked by any of the members, and yet they’ve managed to rope me in using nothing but some geometric shapes and the power of incredibly vague social media.

Hopefully, this isn’t all building into the showcasing of a boilerplate teaser, because the members of f(x) have already released a video that is better at hyping up the group than anything that SME could have created for them.

대박사건!!! #에프엑스 #빅토리아 #크리스탈 #루나 #엠버 @ajol_llama @fx_luna_sunyoung @vousmevoyez

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