Random Roundup: GD & Ailee “scandal”, Cheng Xiao time, good guy Jackson


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As you could probably figure out by Ailee‘s edited caption, she posted about Rihanna‘s “Work” at the same time G-Dragon did, and his fans along with shippers of him and Sandara immediately attacked her and said she should stop dating him.

People be crazy.

Cheng Xiao is ridiculous.

Good guy Jackson helps a fallen fan up.


벌써일년이나됐네 시간빠르다😲

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Uji‘s ass is unfortunately still stuck in tragic obscurity.

수영장에서도 역시 수박주스지!!🍉 #미니가영#방콕여행

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Minhee … wow. Gayoung too, but … Minhee.

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Junyool is extremely dedicated to helping her followers learn proper Pilates technique.


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I remember when Kim Sa Rang was the go-to sexy actress. Still got it.


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Jina‘s modelling career needs to take off or they need to reunite Bob Girls, either one.


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Shannon being cute, as usual.


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