Hey! Say! JUMP’s Nakajima Yuto (22) “asks the advice” of Yoshida Yo (42) over 7 nights


Nakajima Yuto (22) of the idol boy band Hey! Say! JUMP is rumored to be dating actress Yoshida Yo (42), which is significant relationship news for a multitude of reasons I’m sure you can imagine.

They were spotted leaving Yoshida’s residence and calling a taxi, covering their faces with a white mask and a cap. They went to a nearby restaurant where they spent one hour having a couple of beers and having a salad. The couple then left and headed back to Yoshida’s residence, where they spent the night together. Yoshida left for work at 9AM, while Nakajima stayed in until afternoon. They have spent 7 days like this.

Remember that report of the seven days and nights they spent together when you read Johnny’s Entertainment‘s take on it.

Yoshida’s agency hasn’t made any declarations yet, and while Johnny’s Entertainment denies they are dating and declares that he is just asking for advice to an older professional, it has been reported that Yoshida already gave Nakajima the keys to her house.


I mean, technically that could’ve been what was going on, since Johnny’s never states exactly what type of advice he was getting.

All I know is that from now on “ask for advice” is the new go-to for when younger celebrities are fucking older celebrities but they want to keep it secret.




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