Jessica gives performances of “Fly”, “Love Me The Same”, “Dear Diary”


It was announced a while back that Jessica wouldn’t be performing on music shows for one reason or another, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be performing her songs at all. And recently Coridel Entertainment uploaded videos of her performing three tracks off her album, “Fly“, “Love Me The Same“, and “Dear Diary“.

If it was indeed Coridel that made the decision to pull her off music shows so she could do these showcase type of performances, it seems to have worked well. The controlled environment is an obvious benefit, but so is the fact that these stages appeared to be of a lot more higher quality than the usual music show affair.

Was actually sorta surprised, as I figured it would just be her singing in a front of a mic on V app or something.



“Love Me The Same”

“Dear Diary”


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