4Minute are officially over + what the members will be doing now


The rumors about 4Minute disbanding, with HyunA being the only one to stay with Cube Entertainment, ended up being confirmed yesterday.

On June 16, Cube Entertainment releases the news of their departure in an official statement, saying, “Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun’s contracts expired on June 14. All four of the members deliberated for a long time on whether or not they wanted to renew their contracts. Ultimately, they decided not to renew and subsequently left Cube Entertainment.” The statement continues, “[The members] have made a lot of memories and formed a strong bond over the last seven years as 4Minute. While it’s unfortunate that 4Minute has come to an end, we give the four members our blessings as they embark on this new journey. We ask that you continue to give the four members the same love and support as always.”

HyunA will obviously be continuing with her solo career, but in terms of what the other members are doing … well, it’s a bit more all over the place.

Inside sources have revealed to news outlet Yonhap News future plans that the members have. The source stated, “Heo Gayoon and Nam Jihyun have aspirations for acting while Jeon Jiyoon is leaning towards singing and producing, so she’s looking for an agency that will support her. They have received offers from other agencies but no contracts have been signed yet.” As for Kwon Sohyun, she is currently appearing in skyTV’s variety program “My Pet Laboratory” and will continue to be a part of the fixed cast.

Not to be a dick about it, but I’m honestly not sure how much interest I have in the solo careers of the other four, strictly because whenever I’ve seen their solo works they’ve been sorta meh.

Still, as a group, the five of them managed to make it work, and they did it with concepts that were at least energetic and didn’t fall back on pigeonholing themselves into cute or sexy exclusively.


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