AOA’s Youkyung leaves FNCE, will still be in group for band projects … lolol


AOA member Youkyung is no longer with FNC Entertainment, according to a statement from the company posted on the group’s fancafe. Still, the company was happy to be telling jokes.

The agency stated, “We are informing you of AOA’s drummer Youkyung’s contract finishing with FNC. After an adequate period of time and discussion this decision was made in respect to Youkyung’s opinion.” The statement continued, “Although her contract with the company has ended, she will continue to participate in AOA band projects as a guest member.” The agency ended with asking fans to continue to love and support Youkyung with her new start as well as AOA.

“She will be in AOA when AOA does band projects, thus you will never see her ever again.”

No, but really guys, AOA were on the verge of abandoning their sexy concept machine that prints money for the lure of band artistry or whatever.


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