Son Tae Young is kinda weird about Kwon Sang Woo’s kiss scenes

Son Tae Young recently talked about making her kids watch Kwon Sang Woo‘s kiss scenes, and it’s actually kinda weird.

MC Kim Sook: “I heard that your son Rokhee watches his father’s kiss scenes and tells him ‘appa, don’t kiss other people’.”
Son Tae Young: “I’ll nag to my husband about it. I’ll purposely show my son kiss scenes of his father with other actresses and then Rokhee will go to him and be like ‘don’t kiss other people’.
Park Narae: “What does Kwon Sang Woo say then?”
Son Tae Young: “This is all just for work.”

The celebs who are insecure enough that they want to ban their significant other from doing kiss scenes (AKA their jobs) are shitty enough as it is. This shit is like the next evolution, and while I know this was (probably) said in a light-hearted way … uh, it’s fucking weird, man.

Like … what?


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