Sulli gonna get her career ended for this shit, but the clap back was worth it

로리타 로리타 적당히 해라 알맞은 데 가서 욕 하렴 내 이쁜 얼굴이나 보고^______^

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Lolita this, lolita that, go swear at things that are more appropriate and just look at my pretty face. ^_^” – Sulli, The Year Of Our Lord 2016

That appears to be a direct response to criticism that Sulli and Hara got for posting these…

뀨뀨💕 뀨랑 진니랑😻

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그냥 예쁜사진을 남기고싶어서

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…which is honestly just two women in large shirts.

Regardless, where is the lie?

It continues to amuse me that people are upset at two adult women’s visual concept but lionize ‘Produce 101 and fabricate controversies cause they’re so sprung over actual underage idols and shit, but hey.

Whatever, I guess.


Of course, this also comes after Sulli went on a drunken Instagram spree, including asking, “What’s wrong with me?


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What's wrong with me?

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2016년 하얗게 불태우겠어…🔥

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Like I’ve been saying, netizens want to talk about suicide cause they think she’s nuts, but I know a drunken injury when I see one.



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