Sulli, the problematic Rotta, and her supposed lolita mess

Recently we’ve actually got a decent amount of split debate thanks to Sulli, which is always more interesting to me than standard Korean versus international netizen stuff. The core of the debate here is not Sulli’s “weird” Instagram, but instead her photoshoots with Rotta and her mention of “lolita”. I thought both sides has valid points, and for reasons that continue to be unknown, people wanted to get my thoughts on it, so I figured why not milk this Sulli train today as well?


As far as Rotta goes, while the pedophile cries appear bombastic and honestly counterproductive (throwing wild accusations around doesn’t help anybody or anything), I am personally creeped out by the dude for what he’s done with actual minors (permission or not).

As such, I would prefer if people didn’t work with Rotta because he gives me the creeps as a person. However, I honestly don’t think it’s logical to hold every celebrity that has ever worked with Terry Richardson, Woody Allen, or Roman Polanski types (not that Rotta has done anything on that level) accountable for the crimes or alleged crimes of the artist. And quite frankly, I think most K-pop fans (and humans) agree with me, because I don’t hear this kinda of stuff come up whenever Big Bang or CL or even Barack Obama (and most of Hollywood at this point) is mentioned, with people accusing those figures of supporting or endorsing the alleged sexual abuse of “Uncle Terry” or whatever else. Should they? Maybe, but they don’t for the most part, primarily because it’s a logical stretch to say that working with somebody problematic means you co-sign on it. You’d think of all the people to understand that, K-pop fans would get it considering the idols they stan are all a part of a system that endorses all kinds of problematic stuff (or worse, they stan the companies directly).

In that same vein of separation, it’s why I don’t find Sulli or Hara or whoever else that works with Rotta responsible for him being a creep, mainly because unlike what others feel, I honestly don’t find their photoshoots to be a part of what makes him creepy.

It really seems to me like the main reason people are saying pictures like this are lolita is because they know who the photographer is. I say this because of the multitude of schoolgirl concepts in K-pop that come out like a dozen times a year that have short skirts, some midriff showing, and an innocent concept, yet nobody ever calls those concepts lolita. And unlike many of those groups, at least in Sulli’s case she’s an adult doing a concept or cosplay and not a minor (on that note, nobody spoke up when she actually was a minor).

Same goes for Sulli and Hara’s shoot, where it’s primarily the two of them wearing oversized shirts with some kind of basic soft lighting and/or filter shit.

And I think even people who hate Sulli and Rotta can admit the last photoshoot was pretty typical photography, like the ‘Me In My Place‘ series or something to that effect.

Quite frankly, a lot of the same applies to a lot of the pictures of models Rotta takes professionally.

Just because it’s shot by Rotta and he uses his basic soft lighting doesn’t automatically make every concept lolita as people seems to just be bandwagoning. It’s pretty obvious that these are grown-ass women and are not meant to appeal to pedophiles.

I make this point because everybody points towards Sulli defending herself as Sulli defending Rotta.

“Lolita this, lolita that, go swear at things that are more appropriate and just look at my pretty face. ^_^” – Sulli, The Year Of Our Lord 2016

However, she does nothing of the sort. She merely says that everybody leaving hate on her Instagram for her supposed lolita concepts should fuck off because they are not lolita concepts. I … don’t disagree.

Would I rather she not work with this dude? Absolutely, but these connections people are making to Sulli endorsing all this problematic shit attached to him just because she gets her photo taken by him sometimes has always been a logical stretch to me. And unless you believe every celeb that worked with “Uncle Terry” supports sexual abuse, it simply doesn’t make much sense to me to say Sulli endorses lolita or whatever else either.


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