BiS’s manager making group sleep in a car, eat nothing but rice, run 100km for funsies

BiS are anti-idols, so doing “weird” things is par for the course. However, their recently announced plan by their manager Watanabe Junnosuke has even their fans calling into question his treatment of the girls.

So yeah, that’s their manager gleefully posting about how he plans to torture BiS by filling up their schedule with gigs, making them sleep in cars, allowing them to only eat rice, and then having them run 100km on a day off.

One would think this is obviously a joke, right? That’s what I figured as well. Surely it is all just trolling. But then I read that they actually made them run that marathon two years ago, and the rest of the stuff is apparently not anything new to them either.

I would like this to end up to be trolling, but fans certainly aren’t taking it as a joke.

But hey, at least we got a decent meme out of it.

Pretty shitty cause the concept of BiS and BiSH was always intriguing and fun, but this is just abuse.

K-pop companies are showing their idols this, like, “See bitches, it could be worse!”


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