Let’s check in on how BTS fans are dealing with the music site changes and … oh, oh no

When it was announced yesterday that the major Korean music sites would be making changes to their charts, I figured certain fandoms would be upset by the news. Like I assumed stans would be mad as fuck about it, which would be mildly amusing, but oh boy did some fans of BTS go the extra mile.

Folks, apparently what we have here is a goddamn conspiracy.

Despite the fact that this targets the idols of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment as well, it’s their conspiracy to take out BTS!

Actually, what is likely a lot more obvious is that fandoms who complain about this type of stuff are outing their own fandom for using bots to acquire views YouTube considers illegitimate, and I really really really wouldn’t be surprised if the comments were flagged as spam.

Also, for fun, because this has to be a troll (right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!?!?!), look at this glorious fanfiction.


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