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[Update] BYT steals ICIA & HADY songs for their debut, using the original vocals and all

Plagiarism is always a silly thing in K-pop, mainly because fans are dumb and insane, which makes it frequently claimed but rarely accurate. Well, fortunately there now an example of it actually happening with new girl group BYT and “I Want Your Love“, their title song off their debut mini-album ‘Hi Love Me‘, which has apparently just stolen ICIA‘s song “It’s You” from 2015.

But IATFB, how do you know they just didn’t buy the rights to the song?

Well that’s the thing, not only is the song identical, so are the damn vocals. It seems like what they did was literally just download ICIA’s song and reupload it as theirs.

After getting exposed by a bunch of people and realizing that just deleting comments didn’t work, they apparently deleted a bunch of videos from their YouTube channel.

But ICIA aren’t alone, as BYT has also apparently stolen HADY‘s “Hello” from 2015 for their song … “Hello“.

This is one of the most blatant, ballsy, and hilarious things I’ve seen.



Not 100% sure, but from what I’ve seen, this appears to be accurate.


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