April’s “MAYDAY” marks a successful change in direction, even if they concept trolled me

April have returned with “MAYDAY“, whose teasers basically pandered directly to me. What was still in question was how the actual music would turn out, however, but thankfully there didn’t seem to be much need to be concerned.

Honestly, I watched the teasers for the concept, but I didn’t listen to them, so the sound of “MAYDAY” was quite a shock from the start. They’ve done upbeat songs before on the B-sides of their albums, but this is certainly a departure from the norm for a single. They maintained the light and cute atmosphere but the sound is reminiscent in the best ways of something Red Velvet might do just with a slightly less frenetic pacing.

My main complaint is that if you focus on it, you can’t unhear the constant moaning in the background like porn was left on by accident or something. Still, the upbeat instrumental is engaging, and despite sounding like different songs at points, it was still a cohesive overall effort instead of sounding like a mess. Perhaps most importantly when the pacing ranmps up for the hook, it delivers on something catchy and fun.


In terms of the music video, well, I was trolled. There is no baseball-centric concept, as it’s a retro concept that the stylist thought ‘A League Of Their Own‘ retro baseball uniforms were cute. No Chaekyung playing baseball? Goddammit.

I should be fucking livid, but the music video concept was actually executed well.

Just wish the director scaled back on the zooming effects.


While “MAYDAY” might not be one of the best of the year or anything, I definitely think it was fun and catchy enough to declare the venture into a new direction a success. It was helped along by a quality retro concept, even if the baseball stuff trolled me on a personal level. That said, it should be interesting to see how the public responds to them going away from the innocent stuff and whether this gamble pays off.



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