Solfa now tries to help man find ideal type IRL, surrounds him with 40 women

Solfa previously did a video with a woman naming her ideal type, except disqualifying dudes IRL. Now the tables have turned, and a dude (who is supposedly a model) is on the hot seat.

Like with the last video, some people got pressed in the comments, which I don’t understand. If anybody honestly names their ideal type, the chances that a lot out of 40 selected people would be left standing is minuscule. Like what do you expect? That attractive, successful people will just have no standards for their ideal partner or something? Ease the asshole and be entertained, my god.

Anyway, I rather like this series and kinda hope it’s a series since there are a tons of directions to go with this that are likely even more interesting (homosexual man/woman, black/white male/female foreigner, etc).

That said, time to get Senny and Big Dick Guy back in the studio to react to shit.


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