A Pink serve a generic but well-executed & catchy throwback comeback with “Five”

A Pink are back with “Five“, and not gonna lie, I expected this to be another uninteresting mess, thus continuing their recent trend. However, I was quite happy to instead get a sort of more lively versions of some of their earlier work.

Is it somewhat generic in an early-2000s way? Sure, it’s not reinventing the wheel here, but that’s not a problem as long as it’s actually catchy, and “Five” is definitely that with the “one-two-three-four-five” hook that definitely digs itself in immediately. The “why oh why oh why oh why” fading out transition to the verse was also a nice touch that definitely eases things on.

The rest is sweet and saccharine like something we’d hear from them earlier in their careers and from first generation girl groups. The verses start slow but gradually pickup volume and build to the hook, and while the template isn’t special, their execution was on point.

Would I like to see something vastly different from A Pink? Sure, but as long as they’re going to keep in this general direction, going back in time to their early-career stuff and updating it is far more interesting than the direction they were heading down. A Pink are what they are, and at least with “Five” it’s catchy and (dare I say) fun.


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