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Netizens call out Heechul & ‘Idol School’ for sexualizing contestants, which is … interesting

Heechul of Super Junior is being criticized recently for defending ‘Idol School‘ (which he’s a teacher on), basically making some delulu excuse for how the show isn’t sexualizing its contestants.

“I was honestly very uncomfortable when I read the comments on the Internet. Everybody on the show has not had a personality controversy except me. ‘Selling sex’ is a very dangerous statement, and I don’t agree that that’s what this show is doing. You should watch the broadcast first and as I was doing the show, there was none of it. If the point of the show was to sell sex, the company wouldn’t have allowed it.”

Heechul, I love you, but you know damn well what’s going on. And I think he actually does, he just can’t say it cause he works for the damn show.

Still, I find the general netizen criticism rather amusing, this coming not long after they turned the first season of ‘Produce 101‘ and its group into a smash hit and as they are currently turning the second season and its group into a similar hit — as well as ‘SIXTEEN‘ and the group that was born from that (TWICE) into the National Girl Group. You remember ‘Produce 101’, that show where the producer himself said it’s ‘healthy porn’? Well given that, for the public to draw the line here seems disingenuous at best in terms of actually caring about the contestants.

Should these shows be doing this shit to minors? Absolutely not. But it’s all or nothing, man. You can’t gleefully co-sign on ‘Produce 101’ and all the other shows that do the same type of thing, then comically say that this is where it’s too much. I’ve never seen the appeal in these shows, so I’ve never watched episodes of ‘SIXTEEN’ or ‘Produce 101’ (clips for my dear Jang Moonbok were the exception) and I won’t be watching ‘Idol School’ either, but both Heechul and the netizens just need to be honest with themselves about this shit.


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