Choi Jin Shil’s daughter accuses grandmother of abuse, netizens should shut the fuck up

Choi Joon Hee, the daughter of deceased actress Choi Jin Shil, posted on Facebook a couple days ago accusing her grandmother of abuse (read in full here, as it’s extremely long).

That post was later deleted from Facebook, but a follow-up post was made by Choi Joon Hee on Instagram.

“I’m uploading this quickly in case by Instagram account is taken away too. I have seen all the headlines [about me] coming up online. I didn’t delete my Facebook post of my own free will. It was Facebook’s side that erased everything and there are still a lot of things I have left to say. I will put myself together later today and upload it again.”

The police were involved in the situation, stating that Choi Joon Hee and her grandmother got into a physical fight.

“Choi Joon Hee and her maternal grandmother got into an argument over cleaning up after a dinner meal and the fight became physical. Neither side wished to pursue punishment so we closed our inquiries at the scene without officially handling the case.” They continued, “We will be questioning Choi Joon Hee and the people around her about her statement that she was abused. Right now Choi Joon Hee is with a friend’s family and told us she is still emotionally shaken, so we have not conducted an official investigation yet.”

Since the authorities were involved, it seemed like people were generally going to let it play out the correct way, showing some restraint given what they did to her mother. However, apparently Choi Joon Hee made a third post on social media (that nobody seems to have translated yet), and in that post she supposedly blamed her grandmother for the divorce of her parents.

Well netizens were waiting and pounced on that, using it as an excuse to be terrible to her, lecturing that her father was abusive to her mother and all that. And to be fair, there’s no lie there, because he was indeed an abusive piece of shit. However, while it’s possible Choi Joon Hee may not know the all the details on the divorce of her parents due to her age at the time, it’s not like the netizens really know everything that happened internally either and they definitely don’t know everything about the validity of Choi Joon Hee’s accusations.

What I do know is that netizens should shut the fuck up forever when talking about anything related to Choi Jin Shil (this sums up her life and death adequately). Why? Because it was the actions of netizens that contributed to the suicide death of Choi Jin Shil that were what led to the online defamation laws as we know them today.

Who is right or wrong in the abuse allegations made by Choi Joon Hee? I don’t know, we’ll see how it plays out (police are investigating), and it’s besides the point. Because what I do know is that if netizens have the gall to ask her to reflect on the situation, then they damn well better do the same.

And yes, before the insufferable dipshits point it out, I realize it’s not the same netizens. But what we’re actually talking about here is a pattern of behavior involving jumping to conclusions and then following that with abuse, which definitely continues on. While that’s bad enough in general, to now transfer it to the daughter of the woman who was the victim of the same shit to the extent that laws were enacted when she committed suicide? My god. You’d think there’d be some sense of shame or awareness there, especially since there are already reasons to be concerned about Choi Joon Hee.

Like netizens need to just sit this one out. God knows they’ve done enough to that family already.


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