Dreamcatcher’s “Fly High” performance on ‘The Show’ consisted of a Satanic ritual

Dreamcatcher had a special stage today on ‘The Show‘, doing an introduction before their performance of “Fly High” that involved a Satanic ritual. And usually when I say that kind of stuff I have my tongue in cheek, but no, they literally did it.

So yeah, doesn’t seem like they’re gonna go away from this concept anytime soon.

For everybody wondering where the hell is the rest of the Dreamcatcher updates, not to worry, I have two other posts in the hopper that will help transform this site into a fansite.

Most importantly, when are they selling those siqqq-ass capes? Gonna wear one around for Halloween, and when everybody asks what I’m doing, gonna just belt out, “I CAN FAKE IT NARAOLLA~~~”.



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