MV Lessons: Gugudan 5959 decimating a town of ice cream people in “Ice Chu” is cute

On the surface it seems like Orange Nugumel Gugudan 5959 have successfully invoked the deceased spirit of Orange Caramel through their “Ice Chu” music video, but look just a bit closer and it’s clear that this is a creation of pure evil.

Folks, how did our society become so depraved that we can enjoy this?

Setting the stage, we have a friendly town of ice cream people just doing their own thing.

Then these two terrorists come into play.

Terrorists seems harsh, IATFB.” No, no my friend, it’s more like being kind.

The first damn thing they do after entering a foreign world is attack and gnaw at the first ice cream person they see. Then they immediately move on to searching for, finding, and using weapons of mass ice cream destruction.

That ran their body count up to two right off the bat, but then they go right back to the ice cream man they assaulted and started to devour earlier, ending his tragic ice cream existence while laughing in his damn face. MONSTERS!

Surely, this can’t get any worse,” you say to yourself so you can sleep at night. But no, it definitely gets worse. The genocidal version of ‘Thelma & Louise‘ then find an ice cream family, pick up ice cream cones, and bite into them as a torture tactic.

The duo then proceed to throw the ice cream cone on the ground and crush it, laughing at the ice cream father as he reaches out in desperation to stop their madness.

They then take his kid away from him and proceed to play keep away with it before dropping it on the ground, critically injuring it.

All of this takes place in front of the ice cream wife, who can’t believe the inhumanity she’s witnessed and decides to end it all.

But wait! It gets worse! The psycho duo then go to the ice cream hospital, find the ice cream dad they tortured and the ice cream baby they injured, take the baby from the father AGAIN, then shock the fuck out of the baby before throwing it back to the father which also shocks him.

Then to doom all the ice cream people forever, they scalp the doctor and gnaw on it like savages while laughing.

Eventually, they mercifully appear to get arrested, bringing their reign of terror to an end … until they escape, kill the ice cream police officer, and proceed to eat its brains.

I have no words.

I see everybody going around praising this as a cute summer bop, but don’t be fooled, it’s sadistic and disgusting! The fact that some of you continue to enjoy this just because it’s adorable and fun only serves to prove you are terrifying people. Just sad for the state of humanity.

Lesson: Gugudan 5959’s “Ice Chu” has taught us all that it’s acceptable to be a genocidal psychopath as long as you’re cute while doing it.


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