Police say no evidence of child abuse against Choi Jin Shil’s daughter by grandma

Choi Joon Hee, the daughter of late actress Choi Jin Shil, had made headlines recently when she accused her grandmother of abuse. Police launched an investigation into the situation, and recently concluded that there were no signs of child abuse.

On September 12, a source from the Seocho Police Department revealed that investigations have been completed and that they were unable to find anything suspicious about Choi Joon Hee’s grandmother in regards to child abuse. They said that after analyzing the statements of Choi Joon Hee, her brother Choi Hwan Hee, and people close to the family, it would be difficult to view the case as child abuse.

I hope this is the truth and it’s just some personal conflict between Choi Joon Hee and her grandmother, because I’d rather not think about the alternative.

Regardless, netizens need not give their two cents on this situation, since they collectively played a gigantic role into whatever issues this family has today. They seriously just need to leave it.


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