BTS will continue to give The Chainsmokers work to pay for a still unmentioned crime

BTS worked with Drew from The Chainsmokers on “Best Of Me” off their recent ‘Love Yourself: Her‘ album, and at a recent press conference reiterated that they are still working off the sentence of community service for a still unmentioned crime, something that forces them to work with the racist, douchy, one-note group.

During the press conference, the group was asked about their friendship and recent collaboration with The Chainsmokers. Rap Monster revealed, “We became acquainted with The Chainsmokers when we met them at a waiting room during the Billboard Awards after they invited us. We kept in touch after that and talked about working together.” He continued, “We made a surprise appearance during The Chainsmokers’ concert on September 12. I think we will be able to work together in a variety of ways in the future, so please look forward to it.”

Uh, well, at least you can look forward to more tracks like thi…


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