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IU, the sibling, exposed in texts to basically be your family that pesters you all day

I frequently defend IU from dumbass netizens, as they have this tendency to overreact to whatever she does now that she doesn’t act like she’s 12 anymore. However, texts from 2013 with her brother that were recently brought back to life in a Dispatch article that praises her for being relatable have actually EXPOSED sly fox iljin IU as being my collective extended family sending text messages to me all day as I try to FUCKING WORK AND SLEEP.

And no, I had not seen this years ago.

March 19, 2013, Tuesday
IU: An
IU: Hey
IU: Where are you
IU: Hey
IU: Hey
IU: Ah
IU: Hey
Brother: Tutoring

IU: Hey
IU: Hey
April 6, 2013, Saturday
IU: Hey
IU: Hey hey
IU: Hey
IU: Lee Jong Hoon
IU: Hey hey hey
IU: Hey
April 7, 2013, Sunday
IU: Hey
IU: If you ignore me one more time I’m going to cut off your allowance
April 8, 2013, Monday
Brother: Why

April 13, 2013, Saturday
IU: Where are you
IU: I said where are you
Brother: Home
IU: Room?
Brother: Yeah
IU: Mom’s in the living room?

IU: W ere
IU: Where
Brother: Going home
IU: How long will you take
Brother: 2~30 minutes
May 23, 2013, Thursday
IU: Where are you
May 28, 2013, Tuesday
IU: Are you home
IU: Hey
IU: Hey
IU: Oh wow I guess you’re not even checking my messages now

This is way too on the nose.


I’m sure IU’s brother is responsibly handling his duties on time as a productive member of society and doesn’t at all need to be pushed by family members a bit, just like yours truly. Her brother is surely an upstanding gentleman of the highest quality that doesn’t waste time on blogs and such.

What I’m saying is, it’s basically a lock that if you date IU she’s texting “Where u at?” every five minutes, probably making you FaceTime when you’re out with your friends to check that you’re not at a hotel with Julia from work. Goddammit.


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