Han Seo Hee releases apology, says she will not cause more controversy … sigh


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Han Seo Hee, TOP‘s weed pal, released an apology yesterday for her epic mess of a broadcast in which she claimed she would be debuting soon and talked about loving attention, her life in prison, and more.

Han Seo Hee wrote, “I believe everyone felt uncomfortable by some of the things that I said on broadcast. Like I said several times during my [Instagram live] broadcast, it hasn’t been long since I found out about feminism. I started to gain attention from you all as I was starting to learn about feminism. I think it was careless for me to say things like ‘dress like a woman’ or ‘drive manly.’” She continued, “From now on, I will study hard about feminism and become someone that can be a good influence. I will be careful with my words and actions, and not cause any more controversy. I sincerely apologize to those who were uncomfortable because of my broadcast.”

Honestly, this is rather disappointing. The reality is that her image will likely never recover anyway, so she might as well keep going all out.


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