Sandara ends those who ship her with G-Dragon with a resounding “Yuck!”

Former 2NE1 member Sandara mercifully ended the delusions of those that ship her with G-Dragon at a recent event for Head & Shoulders for which she serves as a brand ambassador (the dude is Thai actor Mario Maurer). It basically all came down to one resounding “Yuck!”.

While being interviewed at the event by The Philippine Star, one of the questions was about her rumored romantic relationship with G-Dragon, and her answer was, “I really don’t understand why because we’re like family! Yuck! We’re really close and there’s nothing special to it.

The shippers were predictably incensed at this, accusing the outlet of making it up, so they responded with receipts.


Of course, even conclusive evidence like this isn’t enough to change the minds of the delulu, that’s why they’re delulu, but it does make it easier for those of us who live in the real world to dismiss them with a simple link.


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