YG defends being an asshole to Sori with hashtags on Instagram and a pat on her head

YG was an asshole to Sori on ‘MIXNINE‘ recently, and apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed, as he felt compelled to sorta explain himself on Instagram. YG posted a video of an interaction between him and Sori along with a bunch of hashtags.

In response to all the criticism, Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a video of him visiting Kim Sori last week and wrote, “#MixNine #KimSori #CocoSori #RealGirlProject #IWantToSayYouDidWell #SurpriseVisitToRecordingLastWeek #CriticismIsPossibleOnlyWithInterest #JudgingShouldBeColdHearted #IHopeYouDoWell #JTBC #YG”.

Except nobody has a problem with him doling out criticism, it’s just that none of the shit he said can remotely be considered constructive and seemed solely aimed at making her cry for television.


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