Amaki Sally has continued to be relatable, quotable, wonderful

After my introduction to Amaki Sally, I had planned on regular updates. However, as any regular reader of Asian Junkie knows, I always fuck up what I plan. So here we are, two months later for the next update, but at least that means more shit to include.


After she went viral, Sally provided an actual introduction of herself to everybody.

She also introduced her group, 22/7.


A compilation of Sally being cute, choking on that cute, and then being weird.

Sally talking about her antis spreading rumors that she said the n-word, which I can testify was happening cause trolls were telling me shit like that.

In fact, Sally knows she must be a woke queen.

Or maybe she will settle for being a cute, cake-eating queen.


Sally doing covers is a regular thing, so I can’t not include that. Let’s start out with what seems like a standard cover of Britney Spears‘ “Oops I Did It Again” … but it gets weird at the end.

Speaking of weird, here’s a cover of Wham‘s “Last Christmas” featuring Sally’s puppet show.

K-pop stan Sally sort of did a cover of G-Friend‘s “Me Gustas Tu” as well.


Sally being relatable is a major draw, of course, so here she is on cooking…

…and on dressing up…

…and on The Man trying to silence her.


It’s only appropriate to end a Sally article with her doing a meme, so here she is doing the “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” meme from ‘Fist Of The North Star‘.


Thot Leader™