Eunji gets bomb threat at ‘Untouchable’ press event, addresses perp directly on Insta

Eunji was the target of a bomb threat called in for the press conference of her ‘Untouchable‘ drama, which is yet another bomb threat called in against A Pink or one of its members. This time the response was noteworthy in that Eunji took to Instagram to address the perpetrator himself.

“I don’t know who you are,
but law enforcement says they know.
However, Canadian and Korean laws are different,
so even if you’re engaging in criminal behavior,
even if they know who you are,
they can’t punish you.
You are not our fan.
I ask that you take strong action so that the criminal constantly causing us damage can be caught at least one day early please.

And to the police officers who always work hard and the reporters who came today and waited, I apologize, and I thank you.”

Given what’s happened until this point, I doubt this deters the guy much, honestly.

As for why it’s been so hard to catch the dude doing this, it has to do with the crimes crossing international borders, with a Korean-American making threats against Korean celebrities while in Canada.

“The most important factor is the stances from the United States and Canada. If they regard it simply as an insane person making false reports then proceedings will not be favorable. What we can do will be limited. In the case that an American Korean commited the same crime against an American celebrity while in Korea, the American police would not be able to do much about it either. Apink’s threat case will depend on whether or not the United States and Canada’s authorities who have jurisdiction have volition [to do something]. This part is something we can’t proceed with against their will. If cooperation from the United States and Canada goes well, it is possible to punish the suspect in Korea under Korean law. The severity of the punishment will be judged by the court.”

Seems like a reasonable explanation, or at least certainly much more realistic than the mediaplay conspiracy theories you might read elsewhere.

Hopefully this guy will either stop or get detained soon, because for annoying as it is to just cover this story over and over, I can’t imagine how stressed A Pink must be over this.


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