BTS’s RM teams up with Fall Out Boy on remix of “Champion” … it’s fine, I guess

A collab between RM of BTS and Fall Out Boy seemingly came out of nowhere, and the result was a remix of Fall Out Boy’s “Champion“.

Since this is a BTS-related release, and since this is a collab with a prominent Western artist, everybody as expected is falling over themselves to claim this as the greatest thing ever.

For me, however, it seemed a bit rushed if anything, but was aiight. Credit to whoever was behind this on the choice of song and the remix itself, because the inclusion of RM sounds somewhat organic. Still, as a SLIGHT fan of RM, I didn’t find it all that stylistically or lyrically engaging. It was a mostly basic, throwaway pop song verse and sounded as quickly thrown together as this collab was sprung on us.

So as much as I would love to believe others falling over themselves to praise him on this, I feel like they just haven’t listened to much of his other work (or other rap, in general) and are simply falling in line with what they’re supposed to think about this. Honestly, believing this is the best he can do seems insulting.

Anyway, if you’re mad at me, call the Blue House.


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