N.Flying’s “Hot Potato” has led to them becoming potato ambassadors

In because-of-course news, N.Flying‘s success with “Hot Potato” has led to them becoming potato ambassadors.

N.Flying’s potato dream has been realized. On January 29th, N.Flying were appointed as ambassadors for the Province of Gangwon’s Potato Agricultural Co-op Federation. The CEO of the federation, Kim Deokchul, stated that he wanted to reach the younger generation with a different approach while still being informative. N.Flying are currently promoting their title track “Hot Potato” and Kim Deokchul stated that N.Flying provided a healthy and pleasant image which made them very suitable as ambassadors. During their showcase for their comeback of “Hot Potato” the group had mentioned that they actually wanted to be ambassadors for the province of Gangwon and more specifically ambassadors for Potatoes of that province. From word of mouth, the news had been passed on and N.Flying’s dream to become ambassadors came true thanks to their supportive fans.

While they do their part, I will do mine to promote EXID‘s Hyerin.


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