Cruz Beckham (David’s son) reportedly auditions for new Korean agency STARDIUM

13-year-old Cruz Beckham, the son of soccer superstar David Beckham, has reportedly auditioned for new Korean agency STARDIUM with an eye on his music career.

Recently on an online community, a post spread saying that David Beckham’s Cruz Beckham participated in an audition for the new agency STARDIUM. The global audition called “The Man” is searching for a 10-member actor-entertainer group similar to Fantagio’s 5URPRISE. The founder and CEO of STARDIUM is Fantagio’s former CEO Na Byung Jun. In response to the rumors, STARDIUM commented, “As there are news among netizens that David Beckham’s third son applied for ‘The Man’ actor-entertainer group audition, we are checking the applicants. Not just Koreans, but many non-Koreans are also applying for this audition. We are looking over the non-Korean applicants who submitted for the first written application round.”

I mean, even if he’s complete dogshit, the company basically has to accept and debut him for publicity reasons if nothing else, right? It’s the biggest no-brainer in history. Still, not only would him auditioning for a Korean company be shocking, but so would the fact that he’d choose a brand new company. It’s all sort of unbelievable at the moment, but if this turns out to be legit, it could get interesting quickly.


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