Taeyeon reportedly going with Amuro Namie method of promotions for “Something New”

Taeyeon is going to be releasing “Something New” soon for the summer, but she reportedly won’t be doing any promotional activities for it.

I simply cannot see this and not think back to Random J‘s posts about Amuro Namie being lazy as shit and not doing any promotion, so it’s fitting how Taeyeon is apparently gonna go down that same route.

Namie has done zero promotion for Uncontrolled. I can count on one hand how many radio interviews she has done to plug this album and this bitch has not stepped foot in a television studio to so much as bow at an audience. She has done NOTHING. And yet she managed to drag Ayu’s wig through a bush, flush Kumi’s clip on nails down a toilet, hand non certificated bitches at Avex their P45’s and run those Vision factory stocks. And this is all before she’s woken up Haruto to get ready for school and fixed up his Frosties and lunch time bento.

Ah … memories.


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