Songs You May Have Missed: July Edition

It’s that time again! Over the past month it’s been hot as hell in my neck of the woods, so at one point I definitely said that this month’s playlist would consist of exactly one song because the heat got to me way too much. But, I have recovered and I have 11 tracks that you might have missed this month to chill out or hype up to, or really just be the soundtrack to whatever you want.


Junoflo – ‘Wide Awake’

Junoflo’s signature combination of chill and intense is really shown off in this track, his first since leaving Feel Ghood Music.

Bronze (ft. Sumin) – ‘Door’

…and the winner for best road trip track of the summer goes to this song for being a hot beach summer jam.

Jooyoung (ft. pH-1) ‘Samcheong View’

Okay so this track was actually released on the last day of June, but I couldn’t leave it off this list. It’s soft and stripped back and sounds like napping on a Sunday afternoon feels.

Verycoybunny – ‘Joking’

This track is a good combination of breezy vocals and a sweet 90’s electronic percussion layer.

Lofibaby – ‘SOS’

The singer is literally ON a beach so I don’t think I need to make a case for this one being a good summer track. This song definitely turned me into a fan extremely quickly.

Cherry Coke – ‘Salt’

Dreamy and soft and truly lovely.

G.reedy – ‘Foolish’

A slightly melancholy Lee Hi-type sound, but in the best way – although this song is way too short, and it does feel a bit like it ends just as it really gets going.

HYUK – ‘Way To You’

Hyuk, VIXX’s giant hulk of a maknae, continues to release solo tracks, and it’s nice that he finally gets to show off his vocals properly.

GroovyRoom ft. Paul Blanco & UNEDUCATED KID – ‘Face Down’

GroovyRoom never ever lets me down when it comes to beats – although the flow in this song from the rappers is patchy in some places, it’s still a solid groove.

Punchnello ft. Sam Kim – ‘23’

Punchnello is yet to release anything that I love as much as anything off his ‘LIME’ EP, but this song is still very pretty and his softly-scratchy voice is as charming as ever.

CIX – ‘Imagine’

CIX debuted recently with their super-smooth track Movie Star, but this is the song off the mini-album that I’ve been enjoying the most, and I’m of the opinion that there are always b-sides that need more love.

That’s it for tracks you might have missed last month – happy streaming!

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