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Ask Asian Junkie: Why do K-pop concerts show non-Asian fans all the time?


Today’s ‘Ask Asian Junkie‘ focuses on the obsession that K-pop concert broadcasters have with showing ‘foreign’ fans. Why is it that when the camera zooms in on the fans at K-pop concerts, they mostly focus on non-Asian fans, even though the non-Asian fans are the minority at the concert? Or is it just that there are actually that many non-Asian ... Read More »

Ask Asian Junkie: Isn’t It Time For SME & YGE To Invest In New Idol Groups?

Today’s Ask Asian Junkie will be short, because I don’t think the answer is that complicated, but it gives me the chance to make a minor point about other companies and their futures. Do you think it’s time for SME and YGE to start investing in the development of a new top-tier idol groups for their respective companies? Aren’t SNSD, ... Read More »

Ask Asian Junkie: How Do You Feel About People Who Say Asians Want To Look White?

Ask Asian Junkie tackles a rather … uh … controversial topic today, which, if nothing else, should make the comment section interesting. How do you feel about the whole “Asians who want pale skin and double eyelids are trying to be white” stereotype? Okay, let’s not beat around the bush here. Whenever anybody asks this question, they are referring to ... Read More »

Ask Asian Junkie: Y U NO RITE?

Why? Because I’ve been busy with multiple real-life work projects, you ungrateful motherfuckers. Not to worry though, with the new month here, I’ve finished, and I’ll soon be back to terrorize you all with my nonsensical fuck shit, maybe as early as tomorrow. Then you will all regret asking why I haven’t been writing as much. I love penis. ===== ... Read More »

Ask Asian Junkie: Why Do People Worship Celebrities?

A question about why fans worship idols comes up basically every time a major scandal happens, so I figured it would be an appropriate topic for Ask Asian Junkie. Can you provide your synopsis on why people tend to worship celebrities (flaws and all)? The short version? People are fucking delusional. Add in the fact that they’re generally emotionally and ... Read More »

Ask Asian Junkie: If The Court Rules In Favor Of JYJ, Will Anything Change?

Overlooked in all the recent scandals within K-pop is JYJ‘s ongoing battle (yes, still) with SM Entertainment, so I thought I would take a question on it for Ask Asian Junkie. Read this article: Don’t tell me what to do. Rebecca Soni farts in your general direction. JYJ’s lawsuit with SM Entertainment has been postponed to August. If the ... Read More »

Ask Asian Junkie: Does The Korean Government Have Any Business In K-Pop?

A question about government and their role in industry on Asian Junkie? You better believe it. Do you think that the entertain industry should be self-regulating or is it necessary that it be government-regulated? Generally speaking, I’m a believer in letting private entities be, whether it’s companies or people. I’m a believer in independence, basically. That said, you lose that ... Read More »