[Interview] Ex-TAHITI member Sarah Wolfgang talks about her experiences in K-pop


A few months ago, Sarah Wolfgang’s Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) caught my attention. Sarah, also known as Hanhee, was in the K-pop group TAHITI during their training days, but didn’t stick with the group long enough to debut with them. Sarah’s revelations about her time in TAHITI were refreshingly honest and candid, and you can read more about them ... Read More »

[Exclusive] MR for SNSD’s “The Boys”, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple”, and T-ara’s “Roly Poly”

While MR (music recording) removed videos are scattered all over YouTube, the MR itself is never found anywhere, and probably for good reason. While MR removed videos are interesting, they are still limited to what a television or stream can record. As a result, the sound on those videos are often murky and distorted, and finding the truth behind the ... Read More »

[Exclusive] allkpop Set To Announce Their New Girl Group + Group Details


Wondering what the two allkpop executives (Johnny Noh/Daniel Lee) were tweeting about today? It was the imminent announcement of their new girl group! — Back in the middle of October, I brought you the story that allkpop was working on their own new girl group and now the day of the announcement has finally arrived, as allkpop is set to ... Read More »

[Exclusive] What’s allkpop’s big hyped secret? Sources say it’s their new girl group!


Over the past few days, two 6Theory Media (allkpop) executives (Johnny Noh & Daniel Lee) have been hinting on their respective Twitter accounts that something big involving their company is about to be revealed. These hints have been re-tweeted by allkpop’s official Twitter account, and it has generated a significant amount interest among their readers, leading many fans to speculate ... Read More »