True meaning of Perfume’s “1mm” revealed by Nakata Yasutaka, Random J translates explicit version PV

Asian Junkie | Nocchi can't see the dick

Perfume‘s ’80s electropop crassic “1mm” won the hearts of fans and haters ever since the girls premiered it on their radio show, ‘Perfume LOCKS‘. Many wondered what exactly the song was about, and where the concept of it stemmed from. We can now confirm here at Asian Junkie that the subject matter of the song originates from a conversation that ... Read More »

Amuro Namie reunites with Super Monkey’s, owns bitches with “Try Me ~Bitch You Could Never~”


Amuro Namie took to the stage with the Super Monkey’s for the first time in 18 years to mark the 18th anniversary since the group was last active. To commemorate the momentous occasion, Namie once again donned her platform boots and performed a revamped version of the group’s biggest hit, “Try Me“, which featured revised lyrics, calling out all of ... Read More »

Perfume interviews Koda Kumi backstage at Music Japan. Kumi expends sexual wisdom.


Koda Kumi took time out of her busy schedule of releasing flop singles to sit down with Nakata Yasutaka‘s trio of wig-snatchers, otherwise known as Perfume, to talk about love, life, and her pussy. Always her pussy. I took the liberty of translating the entire interview myself. My Japanese is a little rusty, so please excuse some of my translations, ... Read More »

T-ara’s Eunjung does “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live, I sub it cause I love her

Sketch comedy is difficult to make funny. The writers and the ideas basically make the show, and even if you have legendary ones, like “Saturday Night Live” in America used to, there are gonna be more misses than hits. That said, judging by this one episode, SNL in Korea is generally pretty fucking brutal, but T-ara‘s Eunjung is flawless and ... Read More »

[Exclusive] MR for SNSD’s “The Boys”, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple”, and T-ara’s “Roly Poly”

While MR (music recording) removed videos are scattered all over YouTube, the MR itself is never found anywhere, and probably for good reason. While MR removed videos are interesting, they are still limited to what a television or stream can record. As a result, the sound on those videos are often murky and distorted, and finding the truth behind the ... Read More »

TEEN TOP’s C.A.P Will Beat His Daughter’s Ass And Worship His Son

On the January 5th episode of Mnet Wide‘s “Open Studio” TEEN TOP‘s C.A.P was asked how he’d raise his kids. The answer? Sexism is awesome. How has this not gotten any attention? When asked how he would raise his children, C.A.P says he would do it “coolly”, which apparently means doing everything for his son and beating the everliving shit ... Read More »