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2015! 2015! 2015!

2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark Background

Hello boys and girls, this is just to let you know that I’ll be back around the day after New Year’s Day. The good and/or bad news is that I’ll return with a ton of content: even more entirely subjective lists for you to bitch about, a list of the clusterfucks from 2014 that you can actually help with, and ... Read More »

Thanksgiving weekend is here and I’m not doing shit


It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow in America, the only country in the world that matters, and I’m about due to take time off, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Until Monday? Not sure, maybe just half of today and Thursday. Maybe until the weekend. Maybe FOREVER. I dunno, whatever. Additionally, this will be happening more in the coming month or so. Just ... Read More »

Asian Junkie Tells You: Commenting Guidelines


So these guidelines for commenting have been in the works for like … two years. Commenters from back then will know I constantly talked about it/threatened it, but never got around to it because it never seemed necessary. Basically, I kept putting it off because everything was generally fine even after a rough patch due to a period of growth ... Read More »

Asian Junkie Asks You: Off Topic Post


You always ask me shit, and now it’s time for me to ask you shit. Alright, so basically you guys always flood the comments with off topic stuff, so would it be preferable if I started a regular post where you guys could just shit the bed so that I can keep the comments elsewhere on topic? Discuss. Read More »

See you guys in 2014!


Have a Happy New Year! I’m on vacation for at least a couple days, mainly because I have parties to attend today and tomorrow, for better or worse. Thanks for a successful year in 2014 and I’ll have some posts about all that shit when I get back. Also, I’m probably not doing the MBC Gayo Daejun review until I ... Read More »

A Merry Christmas from Asian Junkie!


Merry Christmas and shit! Uh … I posted all Christmas Eve, but I have shit to do tonight. And then I’m not writing on Christmas Day cause there’s another party, so unless a Lee Min Jung/Kim Tae Hee/Lee Byung Hun/Rain/Hyori fivesome sex tape comes out, I’m not doing shit. So I’ll see you guys back on Thursday. Maybe. If I’m ... Read More »

Asian Thanksgiving


Today is Thanksgiving in America, which means I’m going to be getting stuffed and wasted (waits for joke in comments), which means unless somebody else covers for me, there probably won’t be articles until whenever I recover. I’m thankful for having enough free time to do this site, for everybody who gives a shit about my opinion for whatever weird ... Read More »

Asian Junkie on dat Daum’s Telzone shit … might be media play, lulz


It was brought to my attention last night by staff member RISKCAUTION that an Asian Junkie story lauding SECRET‘s Hyosung was being voted up on Daum‘s Telzone. In itself, this means nothing, as it isn’t the first time Asian Junkie has been posted on Korean sites. But the amusing part is that the staffer thinks this could be a possible ... Read More »

[UPDATE] “Asian Junkie, website. A blog barely alive. Everybody, we can rebuild it. We…


…have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first not-a-piece-of-shit Asian pop website. Asian Junkie will be that blog. Better than it was before. Better, sexier, faster.” Sup, everybody. The site has moved and stuff looks different for now, but it should be getting back to normal soon. Over the next week or so, we’ll be tweaking ... Read More »



No, not really, but there are announcements to make. Seriously. If you hadn’t already noticed, the site has been overloaded for a week or so now (server errors), and I recently took down basically all the plug-ins just so that the site can stay generally up and running. The good news is that the site is getting more popular thanks ... Read More »